Welcome. Thanks for visiting my website.

Before heading elsewhere in the site, I invite you to read the prologue in the section that contains—and will further contain—stories drawn from memories about my personal experience with art. The site’s reason for being is explained in the one page prologue, and it’ll give sense to the nature of the themes the stories will cover and to the rest of what the site offers.

Much is yet to be completed and constructed for the site. The autobiographical section, for example, will include many more coming stories. But given my years, there’s no reason to delay publishing a personal project as this just to give it a complete, polished finish. The time to put it together ideally is a luxury I’d take only in my youth. Incomplete as it is, I believe it’s a proper enough beginning.

You’ll find the prologue at the beginning of the Autobiographical Stories section. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Rogelio Pretto